Landscape and Utility Easements

Public utilities serving the Property and the Lots and Condominium Units have been, or will be, installed within or upon the Property and the Lots and Condo Units for the use, benefit, and service of the property, the Lots and Condo Units, and all improvements within the property, A permanent, perpetual, mutual and non-exclusive easement to and for the benefit of the Association and each Lot and Condo Unit shall exist over, across, under through and into the property, the Lots and Condo Units and all improvements upon the property for the construction, installation, maintenance, operation, repair and reconstruction of landscaping, electricity, plumbing, irrigation systems, sanitary sewer lift stations, water mains, and other utilities, for lines, wires, pipes, equipment, and other items necessary for supplying light, heat, air conditioning, water, sewer, power, telephone, and cable television.

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